Am I a Whistleblower? [Infographic]

Am I a Whistleblower

Am I a Whistleblower

If you are an employee who exposed, or attempted to expose, the wrongdoing of an Arizona employer or employee, you may be a whistleblower.

If you do classify as a whistleblower, Arizona law protects you from retaliation for "blowing the whistle" on what you had reason to believe was unlawful conduct.

Defining a Whistleblower According to the Arizona legislature, a whistleblower must: • Have a reasonable belief that a company has violated, is violating or will violate the Constitution of Arizona or the statutes of the state. • Disclose their findings based on reasonable belief in a reasonable manner. • Provide this information to a representative of the company who the whistleblower believes has authority to take action.

Legal Protections for Arizona Whistleblowers Arizona law protects whistleblowers by preventing employers from retaliating in the following ways: • Wrongfully termination • Blacklisting • Reduced Pay • Reassignment • Other Forms of Unlawful Discrimination

If whistleblowers are treated adversely based on their lawful actions, the whistleblower can sue their employer.

Determining whether you are a whistleblower depends on the specific facts of your case.

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